“Please be advised that RAM Construction has provided The Centre for Child Development with exceptional service from project conception through project management and delivery meeting all project deliverables on time and to specification regarding our Centre’s Renovation and Expansion project.

RAM has gone above and beyond as a true partner in enabling The Centre for Child Development to deliver on its charitable mission of “helping children with special needs reach their potential” in working together with The Centre and all our partners through a complex and sensitive set of project requirements.

On behalf of The Centre for Child Development, I highly commend RAM Construction to you for their outstanding integrity, expertise and practical approach as a true partner in helping any organization achieve its facility objectives.”

Gerard Bremault, MSW, RSW Chief Executive Officer, The Centre for Child Development

“Ram Construction completed our new 24,000 sqft commercial lease building in Cloverdale in 2017. They completed the building on time and on budget.

There was a 1.5% contingency for unforeseen conditions established for the project and they were able to complete the project within the forecasted contingency amount. They were very fair when pricing additional work.

Additional time was permitted during construction at the end of the project since frozen ground conditions did not allow them to complete the site work.

Their activities on site during construction were well orchestrated and everyone on site appeared to know exactly what to do.

Upon completion of the building, Ram completed several tenant improvements in the building for our new tenant occupancies. They provided a turn key package for the TI’s including design, engineering, and permitting. During the Tenant improvement construction, the contract prices remained the same without unforeseen change orders. They also assisted us with day to day building management tasks while they were mobilized on site, this was not part of their contract.

We will definitely contact Ram again when we build our next building.

Karashin Chaddhary Bayshore Ventures Canada ULC

“We contracted Ram Construction to build a 1115,000 Square foot tilt up building in Campbell Heights, Surrey in 2015. We moved in and started full operations in the building in November 2017.

We were on a tight schedule to build and occupy this building and selecting Ram as our general contractor was the right decision.

Through no fault of Ram’s, the project start date was moved back several times, but the Management at Ram remained flexible and found ways to absorb the delays.

Once we started building, we experienced unseasonably cold weather, so it was impossible to pour concrete. Ram was very good about finding other work that could be done and then getting back on schedule.

We did not ever feel that Ram took advantage of us through extra charges during the build. To be fair, they probably could have made a good case several times. There was some overtime required to make up for lost weeks, and we made some changes to the design after we started, but the extra charges from Ram were legitimate, pre-approved and fair.

The building is well constructed and we have had very few warrantee issues in the year we have been here. Any small issues we have experienced, have been resolved quickly by Ram, without cost to us.

I was the senior manager at Garaventa in charge of this construction project. Although I was very pleased with the construction process, I wanted to wait a while before sending a reference, to see how Ram dealt with post occupancy problems, if any.

I can state at this time that I have only had good experiences with all the Ram employees I have dealt with. Jeff Knoblauch has built a very good team and I am happy to act as a reference for them.”

Pat Murphy Operations Manager, Garaventa Lift Canada

“I cannot thank Ram Construction enough for going above and beyond our project needs. Being a new project they were able to work with me in creating the absolute best project possible and were there for me every step of the way. They were timely, gave great service, and worked within my budget. I highly recommend anyone to use Ram Construction for all Tenant Improvement projects. They will exceed your expectations.”

Hardeep Gill Owner, Exit Surrey

“Dealing with the city, all the trades, suppliers, as well as a manufacturer with significant demands for branding and compliance can be a daunting task to say the least.

Thank you to all your team, Al,Greg and everyone at RAM for making the renovation and new construction much easier.

The store is beautiful, Great work!”

Darren Graham Applewood Auto Group

“RAM Construction has completed various automotive related projects in British Columbia for us over the past 10 years. RAM has a significant amount of expertise and experience in the automotive related construction. They recently completed our new Kia dealership in Abbotsford and are currently working on an image upgrades to both our Abbotsford and Merritt GM dealerships. We chose RAM for these projects because we have a high level of confidence in their personnel and because they have a solid tack record with us.

On behalf of the Murray Auto Group, I would highly recommend RAM Construction for any automotive related construction project that you might be considering. They have a well-earned reputation for attention to detail, awareness of overall construction costs and for their ability to keep projects on schedule on and on budget.”

Arthur Fast Chief Financial Officer, Murray Auto Group

“It is my pleasure to write a reference for RAM Construction. They were involved in the design build of Ladner United Church and then were our primary contractor. We had for many years been exploring the possibility of repurposing our church building for the 21st century. We were quite discouraged in many of our conversations with builders, developers and architects. That changed when we meet Steve and Jeff Knoblauch from RAM Construction.

RAM Construction was referred to us by Crossroads United Church in North Delta, BC. RAM Construction had been the primary contractor on the rebuilding of their church.

Very quickly it was apparent that RAM Construction knew what they were doing. Looking at our initial plans done by an architect they began working with the architect in a design build process. They were able to incorporate our vision into the design of the building. In many places during the project they brought practicality to the architect’s vision which has today made our building very usable. They encountered challenges and problems with creativity and energy.

Where our architect believed that much more of the building needed to be torn down (we had a heritage building close to being unusable)—RAM Construction was able to revision how parts of the building could be saved and fixed. This decrease our construction costs, maintained more of the heritage and prevented material being needlessly dumped in the landfill.

Their estimates of the cost of work were very accurate. This was important to us as we had new construction being added to an already existing building.

During the planning process member of the RAM Team both listened and communicated well. They attended meetings on time and were always prepared. Relationships during the project between our leadership and RAM Construction were excellent. Every challenge was worked out respectfully without anger or inappropriate words. Working with volunteers on a church Building Committee can be challenging. All RAM staff were patient, understanding and willing to communicate in ways that amateurs understood.

In the building process we found our sub-contractors to be honest and reliable. The RAM employees and their foreman were always on top of the project and they communicated well in terms of the different stages and their timings, the decisions we needed to make and any unforeseen events that required decisions on our part and extra costs. All changes or modifications were communicated on in advance and properly documented. We always knew where we stood.

It was important to us that though it was a building site, it was still a church. We found the RAM employees and their sub-contractors polite, courteous and hardworking. The site was always as neat as possible and any difficulties construction caused our neighbours was dealt with efficiently and courteously.

Completion was on time. They understood that for every month we were out of our building, our rental of another site meant our costs were increasing.

When the building was handed over to us it was clean and in working condition. Any problems that arose within the warranty period were dealt with quickly and without hassle or resentment. The Building cam in on budget with the normal cost overruns and unexpected expenses had been reasonably explained. As this had been communicated to us well and in advance there were no surprises.

Working with RAM Construction was a very positive experience and I would recommend them with no hesitation. As well I know that the members of our Building Implementation Group would echo all that I have said. We felt we had a contractor who was working with us and for us and was not simply concerned about the money they would make. ”

Jim Short  Minister, Ladner United Church