Bid-Spec & Fixed Price Contracts

In this process a client engages the design team to have a set of plans and specifications created that are then sent to a contractor for pricing. We pride ourselves in providing a complete project price that provides the most value to our clients.


Completed tendering process

Our years of experience with the tendering process gives you the confidence to trust RAM Construction.


While RAM Construction might not be the cheapest contractor in the industry, we are the contractor who will always provide the best value. During our tendering process, our team will take a fully designed building package and provide you with competitive and complete price to complete the specified scope of work. Our competitive prices for the tendering process are compiled with the assistance of our preferred subcontractors and suppliers


Unlike other general contractors who provide very little detail about how the price of a project was determined, we will open our books and share with our clients exactly how we came up with the project price. By doing so, we can provide our clients with a full understanding and total comfort in what they are getting for the price we offer.