Our Core Values

In 2016 RAM initiated the Traction Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS. This system gives RAM a set of tools and concepts to allow the company to have a clear vision for its future, set goals to reach that vision, and help the entire team become more cohesive and functional.

Since implementing the EOS traction program at RAM, each department has been able to streamline operations, processes, and procedures to add more efficiencies into their day-to-day work.

RAM’s Leadership Team has established the core values, mission, and goals to create a vision for the whole company.


The core values not only define RAM, but they are values that every individual in the company stands behind.

Team Player

Along with the core values the EOS system allowed RAM to determine the company’s purpose, niche, and commitments.

Our Purpose – Supporting livelihoods by building ideas.
Our Commitment – Construction made easy.
Our Niche – Craft and construct buildings.