Renovation & Expansion Services

Sometimes it makes the most sense to upgrade or expand an existing building. This can be a more cost-effective solution to growth or changes within a company vs having to build new. Renovations can take an old structure or an inefficient layout and make it better suited to meet the current needs of the client.


Completed build and renovate projects

Our years of experience working on build and renovate projects gives you the confidence to trust RAM Construction.


It is recommended to engage a contractor early in the process to help identify and minimize the renovation challenges. Having the company that will be completing the renovation work for you as part of the planning is crucial.


Our job is to stay on top of potential issues and deal with them quickly and efficiently as they arise. Our industry experience means that we have the team available to deal with issues quickly, no matter what the challenge may be. It is imperative for the GC to address these as soon as they are identified in order to stay on schedule and budget.