Design Build Services

Our design-build or turn-key process allows us to take complete responsibility and control over the project, managing the entire process from planning right through to completion.


Completed design/build projects

Our years of experience in design/build projects give you the confidence to trust RAM construction.


Design-build construction provides a highly efficient and cost-effective approach to a construction project. During our design-build services, we first establish what the specific project requirements are and then will develop a set of plans and specifications to reflect those requirements. From that point, we put together a team who coordinates the development and design process for a project that fits our client’s budget and design. Having a firm that specializes in development of land and construction of buildings is an ideal way to get any project started and provides a substantial advantage to the client vs trying to initiate the project themselves.

Risk Mitigation

Risk to the client is minimized and passed onto the design-build contractor. The fixed design-build cost stays constant, as long as the design parameters remain unchanged.

Single Responsibility

Since the contract covers both the design and construction process, the owner’s control over the project is strengthened and financial risk is reduced.


In this process the client gets a full understanding of total project costs as well as regular updates to the budget as the scope of work evolves through various stages of development

Value Engineering

Design and construction personnel are working as a team and can maximize on value engineering opportunities. RAM takes into consideration the requirements of the municipality and building codes, yet keeps the owner’s desires and budgets in mind, to maximize on the value engineering opportunities at the onset of a project. When this is done at the design stage, RAM can effectively reduce costs and increase functionality of the overall project.

Time Saving

The overall project duration is reduced because the team can identify long lead time items and design processes can be overlapped with bid processes.