Construction Management Services

Retaining a general contractor for construction management is a good option when a client wants to be heavily involved in the construction process. Under this management approach, both the client and contractor work with the design team to ensure accurate costing is provided, along with trade feedback, during the overall design process.


Completed construction management projects

Our years of experience working on construction management projects gives you the confidence to trust RAM Construction.


A construction management (CM) contractor would work closely with the project design team and client to coordinate and supervise a project from the onset to completion. Typically, in a CM project all subcontracts are direct with the owner. The CM contractor is compensated by a fee that is applied to the total construction cost.

Cost Effective Approach

The benefit to a construction management approach is that the client only pays for a project management fee and the actual cost of the project. This can be a very cost-effective approach for straight forward projects.

Owners Rep

Protect the interests of the client and project by being an experienced owners’ representative.

Value Engineering

A construction manager working with a team during the design phase will be able to spot opportunities to save money without sacrificing the overall look and quality. In addition, the CM will be able to advise in areas where additional time and money might be necessary and worth the investment for the good of the project

Experienced Personel

In any fast-track construction project, there’s a potential for change orders to increase costs because it’s unlikely that design will be completed before the start of construction. With an experienced construction manager, potential problems will be spotted as early as possible to minimize risks.