Tenant Improvement Services

These services include changes made to the interior of a commercial or industrial space to accommodate the needs of either a new tenant or upgrades required for an existing tenant .


Completed tenant improvement projects

We have numerous clients who frequently request assistance with planning and budgeting services for tenant improvements and alterations. The budget provided is used to calculate the lease rate with their tenants and, therefore, is a critical step in the overall planning process of tenant/leaseholder improvements and alterations.


There is just as much importance to the planning and execution of a tenant improvement as there is in any construction project. Making sure the needs of the landlord as well as the tenant are met can be a challenging task. Any tie-ins or modifications that are done to the existing base building must be done in a way to not jeopardize the integrity of the base building but also must be done in a to accommodate the new proposed tenant.

We work in conjunction with both the tenant and the owner. By involving both parties in the project, any concerns can be addressed early on.

RAM construction

Schedules and Timelines

Our goal is to ensure both parties are kept in the loop and satisfied with the overall schedule, budget, and progress of the project. Most tenant improvement projects involve a tight schedule and the ability to meet the tenants required conditions, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Information Gathering

With our extensive portfolio of successful tenant improvement projects, we can provide budgets accurately with limited information.

Risk Assessments & Special Requests

RAM can accommodate any tenant specific requests such as power connection, structural support for tenant signage, and any other custom requirements. This also assists to identify areas which may be a cause for concern and to mitigate any foreseeable issues.