Construction has many risks and challenges to environmental sustainability. From events such as illegal dumping site materials on ecologically sensitive areas to wasting resources that could be salvaged; these practices damage the reputation of contractors as a whole and contribute to environmental destruction.

Ram Construction strives to maintain positive environmental practices throughout each stage of construction. Some of the practices that are implemented during Ram projects and sites include:

Sorting of construction waste (separating wood/metal/plastics/etc.) Salvaging and returning materials for re-purposing Re-use of materials where practical Encouraging the use of carpooling with employees Working with the design team to develop systems that have low energy use, this benefits the client twice as it saves on operating cost and the environment Ensuring that the project team is knowledgeable in green practices and making learning opportunities available to them

Ram Construction has several employees and senior management with a current LEED program designation. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green building, homes, and neighbourhoods.

Leaders across the globe have made LEED the most widely used green building rating system in the world with 1.7 million square feet of construction space certifying every day. LEED certification provides independent verification of a building or neighborhood’s green features, allowing for the design, construction, operations and maintenance of resource-efficient, high-performing, healthy, cost-effective buildings. LEED is the triple bottom line in action, benefiting people, planet and profit.

Should any of our clients wish to pursue an environmental initiative, we will apply for the project to be LEED certified which will result in an official certification at the completion of the project.

LEEDThe LEED plaque on a building is a mark of quality and achievement in green building.

In addition to the LEED certification program, Ram also offers sustainable construction programs if the client wishes to pursue other environmental initiatives.

A custom environmental program can be established and monitored during any RAM Construction projects. This can be specific to the project and to the client’s goals, however, will not result in any official certification at the completion of the project.

Ram is committed to environmental sustainability and is constantly looking for better ways to demonstrate sustainability now and into the future.

"RAM has proven to be fair, realistic and above all trustworthy with the assurance that they have our best interest at all times through the various stages and processes of a project."

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