A pre-engineered building has many advantages over a traditional type building. The metal buildings are an ideal solution for many clients who are looking to mitigate cost, simplify the design process or to speed up the construction timeline.  Benefits to this type of construction include:

Design – As pre-engineered buildings have typical connections and designs, the design process can be done much quicker than traditional construction

Lower Cost – The pre-engineered building has a lower cost than traditional construction as a result of lower design, manufacturing and material costs. Further to this, as an authorized dealer of Rigid Global Buildings, Ram Construction can offer very competitive pricing on pre-engineered buildings

Faster Construction Timeline – Pre-engineered buildings typically can be completed faster than traditional type construction projects of the same size

While this type of building will not work for all projects, needs or purpose, we strongly encourage our clients to consider this type of construction where practical.

"RAM has proven to be fair, realistic and above all trustworthy with the assurance that they have our best interest at all times through the various stages and processes of a project."

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