Ram is considered an industry leader in the industrial, commercial and institutional field.  There are several challenges within each industry and therefore each of these areas requires a high level of industry experience and expertise.  Each of these project types require aggressive scheduling, a high level of detail and a strong safety program.  When we are brought on to the project team for an industrial, commercial or institutional project our first goal is to identify the clients overall project specific priorities.  Once the client’s needs are identified we working closely with the on-site team to ensure that the project is completed professionally while maintaining the client’s requirements.

From maintaining containments in an industrial setting, ensuring the final product meets the required specifications for tenants in commercial projects or by ensuring the safety of occupants while remaining open and operating during construction throughout institutional establishments, Ram Construction’s project team has the experience, qualifications and solutions to meet any construction requirements and is fully equipped to successfully complete these projects.

"RAM has proven to be fair, realistic and above all trustworthy with the assurance that they have our best interest at all times through the various stages and processes of a project."

Jim Pattison Auto Group