Sometimes referred to as an open book approach, retaining a general contractor for construction management is a good option when a client wants to be heavily involved in the construction process. Under this management approach, both the client and Ram work with the design team to ensure accurate costing is provided along with trade feedback during the overall design process.

When Ram is retained as a construction management contractor, a set fee is applied to the total construction cost. Monthly cost reporting is provided to the client so they can easily review the current project cost and proactively forecast an accurate overall construction budget.

The advantage to a construction management approach is that the client only pays for a project management fee and the actual cost of the project. This can be a very cost effective approach for straight forward projects.

The risks to this approach are slightly higher and should any complications or unanticipated problems arise, the escalations to the project budget are at the client’s risk.

"RAM has proven to be fair, realistic and above all trustworthy with the assurance that they have our best interest at all times through the various stages and processes of a project."

Jim Pattison Auto Group